The Magic Words

Author – Lisha Azad

Illustrator – Azra Momin

Publisher – Greenbird Books

Paperback 18 pages

The Magic words

The title of this book perked my interest, as did the beautiful cover! As a mum of two young children, I have been through my fair share of bedtime battles and to find a book that will put my children at ease is truly valuable.

The beautiful little girl on the cover and the rest of the soft, expressive illustrations by are striking.

The story is fluid and captivating. Laila’s struggles to sleep are definitely something all children will have experienced and her attempts to count sheep are comical and endearing.


Her mother’s gentle explanation is the perfect toThe Magic words 2ne to put the little ones at ease, and the final revelation of the MAGIC WORDS is a fantastic way to get children to memorise one of their first du’as. I love the fact that it doesn’t end there. Laila’s mum explains that as she grows she will learn more about other dua’s given to us by our Prophet SAW and this sets the scene for further learning!




The Magic Words is beautiful bedtime book with just the right amount of story telling and learning in one.

I bought my copy from The Book Depository

Available on Amazon too.