Religious Rhyme Time
Author – Elizabeth Lymer
Illustrator – Fatimah Ashaela Moore Ibrahim
Publisher – Mindworks Books


From the publisher –

Religious Rhyme Time is the first volume of a series of books entitled Early Believers: Abrahamic Children’s Books for Jews, Christians, Muslims and Global Citizens, a collection designed with a vision of facilitating harmony, mutual support, and connection between diverse Abrahamic families and friends.

 Rhymes are a great way to assist learning and the vision of the book to facilitate harmony is admirable and needed.

It is a small collection of rhymes – about 7 in total, which are sung to the tunes of existing and mainstream nursery rhyme tunes. There are also handy YouTube videos that can be used to learn the rhymes if you are not already familiar with the tunes.

Great for people who are familiar with traditional rhymes and want to use those same tunes but change the words. Those not familiar with the tunes may use also their creativity to come up with their own. 🙂


The content of the rhymes include creation, belief in one God, Adam, Noah and Moses.

To find out more, please visit Mindworks Publishing.