Lulu and the Very Big Meanies
Author: Mac McGooshie
Publisher: Muslim Writers Publishing
Paperback 94 pages
Ages 8+

From the publisher Lulu and the Very Big Meanies is the first book in the new series, Lulubug’s Week in the Life: Meet Laila, AKA Lulu, young Muslimah, drama queen extraordinaire, and big-time fashionista! Lulu can’t cut a break this week! First she finds out that she’s moving to a new school and a new town for the next school year, and it’s not even her fault. Then Veronica B. and Veronica C., the most miserable bullies in the world, hand-pick Lulu for their evil plans. Add to that a very sick kitty and the something buzzing in the woods out back, well, Lulu is just not having a great time of it. Even with the help of her friends and family, can she possibly survive the Week of the Very Big Meanies?

 Laila AKA Lulu is the main character in this very fun, fast-paced, adventurous children’s novel. Just reading the first page of the book draws you in and something about the tone and innocence of Lulu’s explanation of her family makes you want to know more! Told entirely from Lulu’s point of view, this book gets you into the head of this lovable and slightly quirky 9 year old.

Lulu goes through a series of events that may be typical of any 9 year old. She has some issues in school; she faces the prospect of a big change to with her schooling and she wants to explore a mystery that is taking place in the woods behind her house. Through these and other misadventures, we learn about Lulu, her relationships with her parents, brothers and friends, her hilarious takes on life and her soft spot for kittens.

Being Islamic fiction, this book intersperses sound Islamic advice and teachings throughout, in a way that is intermingled well with the overall story. Lulu’s parents’ desire to make sure that they children grow up with a strong Islamic foundation is highlighted throughout and every parent will be able to relate – and hopefully every child that reads this book will be able to see their parent’s perspective more clearly too!

From another perspective though, this book also shows that Muslim families are just the same as any other family and that they go through similar challenges. It accurately portrays life as a Muslim in a majority non-Muslim country. Readers of any faith are able to take a peek into the life of a Muslim family and relate to their experiences.

Lulubug’s personal dictionary at the back of the book is a handy tool, and by far my favourite quote of the book is this…

“Mama says sabr should be one of my personal jihads. I agree in theory but I just don’t have the patience.”


Overall, this book is a great, easy read that will keep an 8 -12 year old well entertained. They will come out at the end of it having had a good few laughs and will have definitely learnt something valuable about family, friends and relationships.


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Lulu Big Meanies