Lulu and the Monkey Marriage
Author: Mac McGooshie
Publisher: Muslim Writers Publishing
Paperback 133 pages
Ages 8+

Lulu MM

After reading all about Laila AKA Lulu’ adventures in the book Lulu and the Very Big Meanies (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I couldn’t help but wonder what the next book had in store for this, very quirky, young girl.

I wasn’t disappointed. Lulu and the Monkey Marriage continues in the same witty style of the first book and takes us into the character’s mind.

In this book she has a LOT going on! Two houseguests, two weddings and the local fair keep her busy. We learn about being good hosts to guests, different wedding customs, and coming to terms with big changes – for herself, her brothers and their family as a whole.

But that’s not all! Lulu and the Monkey Marriage is more about suspense than anything else. You see, amongst all this, Lulu witnesses not one, but two robberies and is the only person in town to have seen the getaway car! The trouble is, what she sees is slightly unbelievable and she has a hard time trying to convince the police. While all this is going on, the fair is in town and Lulu and her father take some time to have some fun, but that brings more trouble… And on the story goes, with one turn after another – it’s one of those books that you just cannot put down, and the end does not disappoint!

I loved how the book had so many different twists and turns, which all melded together with ease. The snippets of Islamic information and vocabulary just slotted in effortlessly and the conclusion was an unpredictable, yet happy one.

I really do wonder what’s in store for Lulu in upcoming books!

Another highly recommended read for ages 8+.

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