Another piece by Qudsiyah Remtulla with her lovely infographics included.

Check out her Facebook page,  The Visual Age. I asked her to tell us a little about herself and this is what she said – “I have a passion to change the tradition all text learning systems and introduce something more effective; contemporary and interactive. Using infographics is a way for me to do that as well as explore my self taught designing potential. I look to make a difference some where by the use of design.”


Recently I spent a morning with my nephews talking about kindness and good character. During that session, we related kindness to how Allah is so very very kind to us, and therefore we should be kind to one another for Allah’s pleasure. Being good with one another results into the purity of the heart, and who wouldn’t like that?

We came up with a list of little acts of kindness that we all can do – showing that kindness doesn’t have to involve big things but just a smile can suffice – because to us it may seem small, but Allah loves small acts as well. We decided to write a few inspirational quotes on paper and hand them out to strangers on the street – instilling within them that it’s important to treat every person with kindness.

I also added to their list of tools a calendar with all the little acts of kindness we can do each day.

See the images below… Click, save and print.

trust1trust3 trust2kindness


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