Faiza Baig is the founder of IlmKids Place – a company that provides monthly boxes filled with learning activities, resources, ideas and inspiration all with an Islamic theme.


“IlmKidsPlace is a du’a come true. Our foundation is built out of passion for encouraging lifelong learners. We design fun, hands on activities that help nurture curiosity and creativity in children. We believe that learning and growing happens all the time, whether in the kitchen, at the playground, or on a trip.  We emphasize learning Islam with fun and creative hands-on activities that build a love for seeking knowledge.  IlmKidsPlace wanted to simplify the process for parents and educators so that they can spend quality time exploring and learning.”

Faiza was kind enough to come up with a handy activity that can be used to help teach the 99 names of Allah to children. Those who follow us on Facebook and Instagram know that we are counting down the 99 names of Allah to Ramadan.

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Trying to teach the names of Allah to children can be a challenging task. It is difficult for the children to completely grasp and comprehend the meaning of Allah’s beautiful Names. An activity that can help children better learn the names of Allah is to associate the names with an image. For example, Al-Muhyi (Giver of life), an image of a small plant sprouting can make the abstract concept more concrete for the child. Further discussion about the names will help solidify the connection.


The following activity will give the child a better understanding of the names of Alllah as well as help he or she memorize the Name and meaning. This hands-on activity will also develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and enhance creativity.  A sample set of images are included with this activity that you may use as a starting point.


1) Start by selecting 10 Names of  Allah

2) Study their meaning and looks for images that can be associated with them (Magazines, newspaper, online).

3) Cut out the images and glue them on a large sheet of paper

4) Talk about and reflect on the names and there meaning

5) Continue to work on more names as the child gets comfortable

allah_names_images2 allah_names_images1



Use the images above as a starting point and then continue by finding your own. Involve your children in the process too and watch how this will make them appreciate and ponder on everything they come across.


More about IlmKids Place

“Our team includes highly educated professionals with a masters in education pursuing her doctorate in education, bachelors in psychology pursuing her doctorate in learning development.  Further, they have Montessori and developmental psychology training and have worked in a Montessori school and Islamic School settings.

Our advisory board includes experts in general and special education, psychology, art, nutrition and science to ensure we’re delivering appropriate and hands on projects. Our child development advisers review our activities to ensure they are appealing, enriching and authentic according to Quran and Sunnah. Our dedicated team hopes to bring delight in every box. We feel privileged to be given the opportunity from Allah to put a share in enriching the Ummah.”

IlmKids Place do ship worldwide. Contact them for options.

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