Understand and Love your Creator – Learn the 99 names of Allah

Names of Allah

A few weeks ago, Sister Halah Azim sent me her book to review and share with you all.
It took me a while to get to because I’ve had a few other children’s books in the queue before this one. However, the wait gave me time to absorb the book properly. It also gave me the time to consider what a task compiling the book must have been, and I had a few questions brewing in my mind about her journey to it.

I asked her if she’d be willing to share a few bits of information with us all, and she kindly agreed.

Please read on…


Why you decided to compile such a book – there are other resources out there but this book seems to be quite unique?

The main reason behind anything I make or write is in the hope that I can add some source of inspiration to the lives of Muslims. Especially with the younger Muslims who may face many struggles in finding their identity and their purpose in life. I want them to be able to connect to Islam in a simple, engaging way. This book means a lot to me because I feel the only way to truly live happy lives and fulfil our purpose is to connect with Allah and love Him. And the only way we can truly love anyone is to first understand them. What better way to understand Allah than to study His names and characteristics? I’m hoping this book can help the reader understand Allah more and come to truly love Him. I wanted to make it unique by giving the reader a chance to reflect on how he feels Allah is present in his life. I wanted it to be like a personal journal where he/she can build a relationship with Allah. I also wanted it to have some practical tips that the reader can relate to on a daily basis so it’s not just a theoretical practice but a living practical one that actually transforms the heart and mind. Sometimes we can find difficulty in understanding the names of Allah that may seem on the outlook somewhat unkind. But this is only due to our lack of understanding. I’m hoping through this book that these names can become clearer and that we would not shy away from them but in fact be happy to explain and live by them.

How long did it take to compile and how was your journey to it?
Honestly it took a very long time and actually come to light after much difficulty. At first I wanted to make unique flash cards of the 99 names of Allah where each name had its own unique design to reflect the uniqueness of each one. I wanted it to be an educational tool that would be appealing and contained authentic information. It took me a very long time to make sure each name had its own unique design. After completing the flash cards, I found difficulty in producing them in a cost effective manner. It was then that I thought of making them into a book to be more cost effective for the readers. But then I found an opportunity to make it even more unique and a chance for readers to actually reflect on the names and hopefully implement them in their lives on a daily basis. At the end with twins under 4 and a new baby it took me over a year to complete.

Having put so much effort into this, what you’d like to see happen because of it?
I’m hoping that it can be used as a simple tool to get people thinking about Allah more and reflecting on Him on a daily basis. I’m hoping that the practice of learning Allah’s names will no longer be a repetitive action with no effect on the heart. I’m hoping we can learn Allah’s names in a way that will transform our hearts, minds and will manifest in our daily lives. Allah’s beauty is beyond any words and I’m sure in the midst of our busy lives sometimes we can lose track of that. We can lose track of how much Allah loves us and we can miss the most beautiful relationship we can ever have. I’m hoping that after going through this book and reflecting on Allah’s ultimate beauty we can all find that love that has no parallel.