Faatimah and Ahmed-We’re Little Muslims is a new Islamic children’s book that aims to teach children about the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This activity book has been compiled for all Little Muslims using the characters Faatimah and Ahmed, who are loveable, playful and full of innocence just like our own children. Through these characters it is my hope to teach our children about Prophet Muhammad SAW and our wonderful history in a fun, awe-inspiring kind of way, and from a very young age.

To get your copy of Faatimah and Ahmed-We’re Little Muslims, click here to find your nearest reseller.

This activity book is a gift for you to use as a fun resource for your children. It contains 17 pages of activities, and is free to download – all I ask is that you or your children put a coin in a Sadaqah tin or at your local Masjid. Small actions can have a huge impact 🙂

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Simply click the link above and either save to your hard drive, or print immediately.

faatimah and ahmed free activity book