Everyone Prays
Author – Alexis York Lumbard
Illustrator – Alireza Sadeghan
Publisher – Wisdom Tales
Hardcover 28 pages


The title of this book immediately struck me. In this world of war, intolerance and general unease, a book for children that emphasises tolerance, highlights similarities rather than differences and explains rather than preaches, is rare and beautiful.


This is one of those large, luxurious, thick, glossy-paged, well-illustrated children’s book that will draw anyone in.


Its message is simple. Everyone prays. It might seem self explanatory, but to put this at a child’s level is something special.


We all teach our children that prayer is an integral part of being a Muslim, and that might seem simple enough but often it’s difficult to explain different religions and different religious practices.


By going through most religions, and showing, through illustrations, how they pray, how they prepare for prayer, and that prayer is important no matter who a person is, or what they look like, this book introduces children to different religions and practices and promotes tolerance. By introducing children to the similarities rather than differences, we can only hope to create a world more broad-minded, unprejudiced and understanding.




With beautiful, detailed illustrations and simple to read and understand text, this is a fantastic book! It also includes a handy appendix as well as illustration notes for the older, more inquisitive reader.



I bought my copy on the Book Depository.

It’s also available on Amazon.