By guest author, Umm Nusaybah, this is a fantastic idea to maintain a strong connection with the Qur’an, post-Ramadan.


We’ve all witnessed the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ hype which sees many an individual set high goals only to have it fizzle out as the year moves on. For many it may just be that they aimed too high too soon or for others it might be that they lost the drive to achieve what they set out for.

Goal setting is just the first step. In order to be successful, you need to not only set your goals but also put into place mediums that will help see you through your journey as you work to achieve it.

Divine intervention, motivation and inspiration are key in keeping the fire burning. Companionship and competition may also be a valuable resource. Ramadan was our training camp, our time to reflect and self evaluate. It is Allah’s way of showing us what we are truly capable of by giving us the opportunity to stretch ourselves and realize our true potential.

It is up to us now whether we will keep the momentum going, using it as a catapult to launch us into our new life, a life of purpose, a life of striving on the path of Allah.

Undoubtedly, the one common revival we have all experienced in the blessed days is rekindling our relationship with the blessed book, the Holy Qur’an. As we deprived our physical self, we have nourished and strengthened our soul. We can even go as far as saying that right now is probably the highest we’ve been when it comes to spiritual awareness.

Now that you’ve reached your peak, are you ready to let it go? This was a question I asked my family, and myself and through our discussions we all resolved to make the rest of the months just as productive as the month of Ramadan, to continue on this beautiful journey of learning, reading, understanding and implementing the words of Our Lord.

The Qur’an is our manual from our sole maker, to teach us and guide us on how to be the best. It is Allah’s rope, the solid contract that we need to hold on to firmly in order to reach Him and attain true success.

Setting individual goals is crucial for self -development, but do not overlook the benefits of setting goals as a family unit. Especially if you have young children, who will need you to coach them through the art of goal setting! Teaching by doing is a lot more effective than teaching by saying. Children are more likely to achieve their goals if they have an adult walking the same journey with them and modeling the right behavior and attitude required.

Vision boards (or dream boards) are cheap, simple and effective! By visualizing your goal you are magnifying your dreams and making them seem more ‘real’, more achievable.

A vision board can be as diverse as your imagination and creativity and there is no one-way of doing it.

Here are some simple tips to get you started!

1. Set your goal! Sit down and think and discuss about what really matters, what you truly desire. Use that as your driving force. It doesn’t have to be one goal – you can have a main goal and then set mini-goals along the way to help you reach the main one. This is especially useful for little ones, as having small milestones makes it seem less daunting and the sense of accomplishment will drive them to achieve more.

2. Write down your goals. Make a list.

3. Now look for pictures that represent your written goals. Also include inspirational quotes and thoughts. Make sure you only use those images that generate an emotional response, in line with what you want to achieve – whether it be excitement, happiness or inner peace.

4. Gather your necessary materials – a corkboard, pins, or anything else you want to mount your pictures on. Be neat, clear and avoid clutter.

5. Place your board in a prominent area, somewhere where it’s in sight of every one to see.

6. Look at it often, take time to think and ponder. Envision yourself living in that manner.

7. Believe that you can achieve what you’ve set for yourself and be grateful and thankful for the goodness that is already there in your lives.

If you are looking for further inspiration, here are some snapshots of our family’s Qur’an vision board.