Assalaamu alaikum 🙂

So i’ve taken to the task of compiling lists! After being repeatedly asked via Facebook for lists of books and recommended ages, I’m going to try to compile lists of some of my favourites.

Please note that the lists are not going to be conclusive – Obviously I don’t have access to ALL the books out there. If you know of something i’ve missed and you think its really great quality, let me know.

I’ll start with the easy one first and give you a list of board books for VERY little Muslims. I’ll try to provide links where to buy if possible. If you need any specific info, i’ll be happy to answer questions via Facebook or email –


Baby Look BookSweet Apple Publishers

baby look book





Get it directly from us, here.

Allah is Al-Khaliq

Amazon link (click on image)

Allah is Ar Rahman

Amazon link (click on image)

Buy direct from us here.

I Can series

Amazon links (click on images)

Smart Ark Board books –

Thank You Allah Counting book

Made by Allah Alphabet book


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