My Granny

Author – Fatimah-Zahra Kennedy
Illustrator – Rahima Begum
Publisher – JBK Books
Paperback 35 pages


My Granny is written by 9 (now 10) year old Fatima-Zahra Kennedy based on her own relationship with her very special granny who isn’t Muslim. It is a warm, beautifully written, innocent story that takes you into the very heart of their relationship.


It is a FANTASTIC effort by a very articulate young woman and (I’m quite sure) her VERY special mum!


Fatimah-Zahra Kennedy explains to us in expressive detail what she loves about her granny and how special she is. She tells us about her grandad, aunty and cousins and how special they all are to her. The illustrations complement the innocence of the book perfectly and the du’a that is made for Granny at the end can move you to tears.FullSizeRender

The poems and activities at the end of the book are a wonderful addition to the story.FullSizeRender-4

This is a very special book for families with mixed religions as well as all-Muslim families. It highlights the beautiful message of love and kinship and highlights the true essence of peace and tolerance that Islam teaches.

All grannies are incredibly special this book helps us appreciate and value them!

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The book is available for purchase from Amazon US and Amazon UK.