How BIG is Allah?

Author and Illustrator: Emma Apple

Age: 4-10

Paperback 20 pages


Children ask BIG questions. Questions that they seem to pluck out of space! One of those questions quite commonly asked is How Big is Allah?

I have been asked that myself very recently, and funnily enough, after introducing this book to many others, they have commented that their own children have asked similar, if not the exact same question!

One of the best uses of a book for parents, aside from developing imagination and literacy, is to use it to explain and discuss a difficult concept to young children. Children have this innate love for story telling, and we can use this to our advantage. Although simple in its message, Islam does contain complexities that need understanding and explaining to a young mind. It is great to see so many new books appear on the market, tailored specifically to our young Muslims.

The book How Big is Allah? By Emma Apple is a delightfully fun book that draws on the awe and magnificence of the Earth and Space to explain a difficult concept to children and that puts things into perspective in relation to their own size.

It is simple to read but contains within it some very interesting and relevant facts. It starts off by asking the children to reflect on their own size. It makes them think and try to relate their size to the smallest and then the biggest things that they can think of. It then goes on to describe the size of the snowflake all the way to the size of the solar systems and by doing so draws attention to the fact Allah is the CREATOR of all of this, so imagine how great he is?


I find this book to be wonderful in its simplicity and yet it opens the doors for many meaningful conversations with children. It is a great book for those children who have an interest in space and the solar system, and it is a great way to introduce the concept of space to younger children. My own son falls a bit below the recommended age but it has opened up a path for me to explain to him about space and simultaneously about the majesty of Allah’s creation. For older children, the facts and size comparisons at the back of the book are a fantastic way of reinforcing the concepts that are described in the book and so are the infographics showing the sizes of one object in relation to another. The illustrations are in black and white and are all original, hand drawn by the author herself.


A highly recommended book for young Muslims with curious, questioning minds!

From the author – How Big Is Allah? is written according to the sunnah (tradition of the Prophet) and does not describe Allah (God) in any physical or material way.


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