Reviewed by Alaia Akbar, our resident, almost 12-year old reviewer.


Helping the Polonskys
Author – Khaleel Muhammad
Publisher – The Islamic Foundation
Paperback, 80 pages


There is something to be said about not judging a book by its cover. Quite literally in this case. When I first looked at this book, my initial impression was that I would not find it very interesting because it appeared to target a much younger audience (I’m almost 12). Much to my amazement the book was not only attention stealing but full of valuable lessons; an archive of sorts that I’m certain will prove very useful to its readers. Themes like the importance of companionship, determination and strength, cleverness and many other characteristics our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) portrayed are regularly depicted throughout this enjoyable narrative. The main moral focuses on never giving up and being able to work not only as an individual, but also cooperatively as part of a team. As we are taught and learning every day, especially in the school and Madressah environment, being able to work well in a group is a very important life skill. Although I felt the book had a limited variety of language and descriptive features, it certainly was entertaining and a really good read from which I benefitted a lot. I enjoyed it and will definitely read any other books in this series. I strongly recommend it for any age group, and I am convinced it will be a pleasant surprise.

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