Ayesha Dean: The Istanbul Intrigue
Author – Melati Lum
Publisher – Melby Rose Publishing
Paperback, 105 pages


As soon as I scanned the blurb I was drawn to the book immediately. The book reminded me of a childhood favourite, Nancy Drew. However, this book is different.

The protagonist is relatable to Muslim girls and teens all over the world. She is strong, fashionable, intelligent, and loves to travel.  Furthermore, Ayesha goes through the similar experiences all Muslim girls go through, including the “random bomb check” at the airport.

This book reminded me of why I love to read.

Melati Lum took me to Turkey and I was able to experience its beauty, mystery and love of kebabs. I was able to join Ayesha and her two friends, Sara and Jess, on their adventure to solve the mystery of the hidden note.

Without giving too much away I recommend this book to all girls aged 10 and up. I can’t wait to read about the next adventure with Ayesha Dean.

About the Author – Melati Lum has a Masters Degree in Public International Law and has worked as a Crown Prosecutor, prosecuting serious criminal offences in the courts. She has previously worked for the United Nations in The Hague in the prosecution of war crimes that occurred in the former Yugoslavia. She lives in Adelaide, Australia with her family. Ayesha Dean- The Istanbul Intrigue is her first book.
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Reviewed by Fathima Adat.