Adam & the Tummy Monsters
Author: Zanib Mian
Illustrator: Maria M. Goncalves
Publisher: Sweet Apple Publishers
Hardcover 27 pages


There are many habits that we, as Muslim parents and educators try to inculcate into our Little Muslims, and one of them is the etiquette of eating – washing hands, reciting Bismillah and eating in moderation. Adam and the Tummy Monsters explores these habits and in a fun and interactive way.

The character, Adam, has already become a familiar one in our household (see our review of Adam in Lost and Found). In this story, he starts to feel a bit yucky, and thinks he has the dreaded TUMMY MONSTERS.

We are introduced to Detective Doodle (Adam’s dad’s alter ego), which is a fun twist to the story, and together the family solves the mystery of the tummy monsters. Their investigation leads them to questioning whether Ahmed ate good food, washed his hands and said ‘in the name of Allah’ before eating. This is a great way to reinforce the importance of these habits, again in a fun way that is not overbearing for young children.

I can just see myself telling my Little Muslims – “Remember what happened to Adam! Don’t eat too much! You must remember to wash your hands!”

Again, the illustrations are fun and expressive. The emotions shine through and the Adam himself is so cute and endearing, you can’t help feeling sorry for him. The size of the book is perfect for little hands.

In my opinion, the worth of a children’s book can be measured by how much the children enjoy it. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that i’ve had episodes of reading this book to my children multiple times in one sitting! I generally review books only once i’ve had ample time for myself and my children to read and absorb them. The ‘Adam’ series is a favourite, and highly recommended.

You can read more about Detective Doodle here!

Visit Sweet Apple Publishers for details on where to purchase this book.

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