Author: Zanib Mian

Illustrator: Maria M. Goncalves
Publisher: Sweet Apple Publishers
Hardcover 32 pages

Adam in Lost and Found is a relatable story of a little boy who finds something and wants to keep it for himself.

adam 2Adam, the main character, is a lovable little boy with two siblings and doting parents. He also features in another title by Sweet Apple Publishers called Adam and the Tummy Monsters (review coming soon).

In this book, we learn that Adam has a love for trains and planes. On a train journey, he happens to find a little red train, which he absolutely loves, and wants to keep for himself. His parents then explain to him why he needs to hand the toy in to the lost and found, and what the consequences might be if he doesn’t. After much consideration, he makes his decision and everyone is very happy with his choice. Then he suddenly finds himself in the very same situation as the person who has lost the train!adam 3

This story flows very well and the illustrations are cute and catchy. The characters emotions come through very well through the illustrations – from Adam’s excitement, his parents concern and even his big sisters irritation!

Being a common situation that parents might face, this book is great for teaching the importance of returning what doesn’t belong to us and doing the right thing.
It is very endearing how the whole family sits down and works through the scenario of what needs to be done, how his parents explain to him so lovingly why he needs to do the right thing and how even his big sister Mariam, gets involved and helps him along the way.

Adam doesn’t only find something that belongs to someone else, but he also loses something very dear to him. Using both scenarios the author competently explains to children, through the story, both sides of the situation and that doing the right thing is always important because you could always find yourself in the same situation! A well-known Hadith comes to mind – Do unto all men, as you would wish to have done unto you; and reject for others what you would reject for yourself. (Reported by Abu Dawud)

A wonderful family story about doing the right thing always!


From the publisher –

Adam loves riding on the trains! This adventurous little boy has no dull moments, no siree! He thinks hard and plays hard, and usually realises how doing the right thing pays off!

Age: 6
Place of Birth: London, UK
Hobbies: Playing with marbles and vehicles, painting and cycling.
Favourite food: Strawberries
Favourite colour: Yellow

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