After nearly two months of waiting, my stash of books from Sweet Apple Publishers arrived in the mail – just when we lost hope of the parcel coming, and sister Zanib Mian, founder of the publishing company and author, had already posted off a second set! After waiting and waiting, the anticipation had built up but I can safely say that the books are great!

She kindly sent all 5 of their current books to me for review, which I will do in good time.

First up is the Baby Look Book.

baby look book

It’s a sturdy board book with vibrant colours and eye catching illustrations. It has a lot of detail in it and is sure to delight the little ones. It doesn’t have much Islamic information in it (its a baby look book!) but it does feature a Yellow Mosque and I love that the little alphabet blocks that are pictured have the ABC and Alif, Baa, Taa! It is the perfect first book! It has so many conversation points – from the mosque, the bee and it’s hive all the way to stars at night. So appropriate to point out the creation of Allah and develop a love of learning.

Diversity in books

It’s also great that it features a few different babies from diverse colour backgrounds. Even from such a young age, for children to see diversity will teach them about tolerance and acceptance.

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day. – Anonymous


Reading to babies

Never underestimate the importance of reading to babies and starting early by introducing them to fun books. Reading to babies is an important way to teach them about communication, build their vocabulary, how to listen and develop their memory. By starting young, you can give them valuable information about the world around them. What may seem simple and obvious to us is (obviously) new, exciting, fun, exciting and beneficial to babies if presented in the right way.

Illustrated by Maria Mian Goncalves, this book is adorably cute and a great first book for any baby.

Publisher – Sweet Apple Publishers

10 page Hardcover

15cm x 15cm

From the Publisher –

This board book is specially designed to stimulate the developing eyesight of young babies. Capture baby’s attention with high contrast designs influenced by Islamic art.

Visit the official Sweet Apple Publishers site here and take a look at the book trailer below.