To mark #IslamicBookDay , we have asked a number of authors some questions in the hope that this will inspire a new wave of Islamic literature for children. If you have a desire to write, or have little ones who have shown an interest in writing, this may give you some motivation!

Next up is Janette Grant of Mindworks Publishing.

1. What’s your favourite Islamic children’s book?
Qur’aanic Odyssey by Umm Muhemmed (Greenbird Books)
2. As a child, what did you aspire to be?
A writer and a teacher.
3. What advice do you have for children wanting to write a book?
I would give three tips: 1) Be diligent in your intentions and make dua to Allah Ta’aala for blessings in your endeavors; 2) Write, write and re-write, but try not to be too critical of yourself; and 3) Seek out a writing mentor who can help you in your efforts.
Thank you Janette!