To mark #IslamicBookDay , we have asked a number of authors some questions in the hope that this will inspire a new wave of Islamic literature for children. If you have a desire to write, or have little ones who have shown an interest in writing, this may give you some motivation!


Elizabeth Lymer is the founder of Aneesa Books

1. My favourite Islamic children’s book is The Perfect Gift by J Samia Mair because it is about being alert to, and appreciating, the gifts Allah SWT blesses the world with in nature, and it celebrates spending time outdoors with family alhamdulillah.
2. As a child, I wanted to be a writer alhamdulillah. Supportive adults interpreted this as a desire to be a journalist. For a while I stopped writing because I did not want to write or report news, but alhamdulillah I took up poetry and songwriting which has turned into reworking nursery rhymes, and I wrote copious letters through which I developed my writing skills and my confidence. Of course, I’ve learned loads more as an adult and am always learning and developing alhamdulillah.
3. My advice to children who aspire to write books is to write and read aplenty, pray to Allah SWT for guidance, learn how to make istikahra so you can decide about new projects, and persevere. Bismillah. I look forward to reading your work insha’Allah.
Thank you Elizabeth!