My friend Faaiza of Modest Munchies has helped me immensely through this READ Little Muslims journey. It is only fitting then, to have her as our very first GUEST BLOGGER!

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3 Times the Fun with colouring pages



My name is Faaiza and I blog at Modest Munchies , a food and baking blog. As a mum and teacher, it has also become an outlet for me to share some kids crafts and activities that I do with my son.

Today, I am here to tell you that colouring pages can be so much more than just a colouring activity. We all know them, we love them and they’re a great way to keep kids occupied. After a while colouring in can become boring, especially when all you do is colour. My 4 year old is at this stage now.

Using the Faatimah and Ahmed free activity book  as inspiration, I’ve put together a 3 crafts you can do with colouring in pages that go beyond just colouring. Try these with your kids for something a little more involved and fun.


  1. Make a mixed media art piece:

This one is fun, and can really get kids unleashing their creative side


You’ll need:

-a colouring in page


-pieces of mutli coloured/textured paper

-craft supplies (think buttons, ribbon, popsicle sticks, you don’t even need to buy anything, go into the yard and get sticks and leaves and anything else you can find)



Give kids the glue, paper and supplies and let them go crazy, sticking and gluing and having fun.


Here are 2 we’ve done in the past:

A rainbow collage from the Faatimah and Ahmed free activity bookRainbow colouring in activity

and this mosque art landscape that was used in a Ramadan craft party  as well as a charity playdate.

Mixed Media Mosque Art

Tip: use colouring pages with bigger shapes for smaller children, this will be easier for their little hands.


  1. Make a puppet:

If your colouring pages contain people or even animals, you can easily turn them into little puppets.


You’ll need:

  • colouring in pages with drawings of people or animals
  • crayons or colour pencils
  • scissors
  • whole punch/ popsicle sticks


Colour in the drawing and cut it out along the edges. Punch holes where legs would go. Alternatively, you could glue a popsicle stick to the back of the each drawing.


Tip: ensure the wholes you punch are big enough for fingers to fit through. If using sticks, ensure the sticks are long enough to hold.

Faatimah and Ahmed - Puppets

These Faatimah and Ahmed puppets have already had a lego house built for them, they’ve met neighbouring puppets (Mr Square and Mrs Triangle) and they’ve been the motivation behind hours of imaginative play.



  1. Make a puzzle:


Use your colour in page to make a simple puzzle.


You’ll need:

  • colour in pages
  • crayons or colour pencils
  • marker
  • scissors
  • optional- laminator or card


Colour in the page as normal. Mark out curvy strips or shapes. Cut out the markings. Before marking and cutting you could stick some card to the back or laminate the puzzle to give it some longevity.

Make a Puzzle - with a colouring page


The next time you’re stuck for ideas after doing some colouring in, I hope you’ll give these a go.