If you’re looking for some great Muslim books for your pre-teen, you can’t go past these. Links provided here are directed to the author’s or publisher’s page. If you are unable tp purchase directly from the publisher (for shipping or other reasons) then simply do a Google search to see where the book might be available closer to you, or order from Amazon or Book Depository (free worldwide shipping)

  1. The House of Ibn Kathir – The Competition Begins, S.N. Jalali

    It’s Yusif’s first time away from home. The Dar Al Ilm Academy seemed to be the ideal place for him to pursue his studies and achieve one of his lifelong ambitions – to memorise the Qur’an, or so his parents had decided…

    However, just when he thought he was settling in, Yusif finds himself with more on his hands than he had bargained for. When mysterious events start happening around the school, it begins to seem as if Dar Al Ilm has more in store for him than he had ever imagined!


  2. The Great Race to Sycamore Street, J.S Mair

    This topsy-turvy adventure on Sycamore Street sees brother and sister Hude and Amani arrive in the country with one thought: it was going to be  long, boring summer. They couldn’t be more wrong. Find out how they plan to save the peach tree and beat a bully at his own game.

  3. The Hijab Boutique, Michelle Khan

    Farah enjoyed her private girls school until the day an assignment to bring in something representing her mother to talk about for International Woman’s Day. Compared to her friend’s glamorous actress and tap-dancing mothers, what can her modest, humble mother have that is worth sharing with her classmates? To her surprise, her mother was quite a business woman!61tin1MCSEL._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_

  4. Lulu and the Very Big Meanies, Mac McGooshie

    Lulu and the Very Big Meanies is the first book in the new series, Lulubug’s Week in the Life: Meet Laila, AKA Lulu, young Muslimah, drama queen extraordinaire, and big-time fashionista! Lulu can’t cut a break this week! First she finds out that she’s moving to a new school and a new town for the next school year, and it’s not even her fault. Then Veronica B. and Veronica C., the most miserable bullies in the world, hand-pick Lulu for their evil plans. Add to that a very sick kitty and the something buzzing in the woods out back, well, Lulu is just not having a great time of it. Even with the help of her friends and family, can she possibly survive the Week of the Very Big Meanies?

  5. Lulu and the Monkey Marriage, Mac McGooshie

    Lulu has a lot on her plate this week. Two houseguests, two weddings and the regional fair promise to keep her busier than usual. Bonus! Baba promises to close the restaurant early every day and spend the extra time with her!
    When the local bank and grocery store are robbed, Lulu witnesses the getaway car as it speeds by. Trouble is, the police think she’s gone off the deep end, and she can hardly believe her own eyes!
    But there’s more to worry about than a little bit of crazy — like her brothers and her friends in risky predicaments, Baba getting sick at the fair, Mama feeling sick at home, and Lulu herself being followed by a strange man in a strange car.
    Lulu doesn’t realize the trouble she’s in until it’s almost too late. How will she get out of this jam?

  6. Helping the Polonsky’s, Khaleel Muhammad

    Mr Polonsky, an angry old man, is desperate for help. His house is a mess and it needs cleaning before his wife returns home from a major operation. As a last resort he puts an advert in a local shop. A group of Muslim children come together to clean-up, but with time running out and a bigger mess than they had imagined … can they succeed?

  7. Jannah Jewels Book 1 – The Treasure of Timbuktu, Umm Nura

    In the first book, the Jannah Jewels, are brought to the ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali and meet the Treasure King. There they visit the Grand Mosque and University while trying to find the missing manuscript.
    Who exactly is the Treasure King and can the Jannah Jewels restore the missing manuscript before time runs out?51fyjbT1jRL

  8. Jannah Jewels Book 2 – The Chase in India, Umm Nura

    In the second book of the Jannah Jewels Series, the girls are caught and thrown aboard the ship of Zheng He, the famous Chinese Muslim Admiral.Caught in a lightning thunderstorm, they must sail in raging waters to retrieve a rare medicine plant. Can the Jannah Jewels escape the fiery arrows of pirates and make it safely back home?

  9. Janah Jewels Book 3 – Bravery in Baghdad, Umm Nura

    In the third book, a notable scholar has vanished from the House of Wisdom, along with a scroll pen that belonged to the famous mathematician Al-Kindi. Lost in the marketplace of Baghdad, can the Jannah Jewels gain victory over the villain and put the pen back into the Golden Clock?

  10. Jannah Jewels Book 4 – Secrets in Spain, Umm Nura

    In the fourth book of this Series, the Jannah Jewels take readers along on their most challenging adventure yet, as Hidayah and her friends travel to magnificent Spain in hopes of finding the next missing artifact. In this book, a mysterious girl in a red dress travels back into time to help Jaffar. Who is this girl? Will the Jannah Jewels find the missing artifact before Jaffar and his gang?

  11. Jannah Jewels Book 5 – Courage in Cordoba, S. Karim

    In Book 5 of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series, a small mistake creates a costly consequence! The Jannah Jewels must find not one but two artifacts! The Jewels collect clues from Abbas ibn Firnas, one of the first men to attempt glider flight, and Fatima al Mayriti, a famous astronomer and scholar of Madrid. Can the Jannah Jewels get un-stuck out of Spain and continue their quest for peace on Earth?Courage-In-Cordoba-Book-5-Cover-e1460010542776

  12. Jannah Jewels Book 6 – Mystery in Morocco, Tayyaba Syed

    In Book 6 of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series, they travel to the city of Fes in Morocco. The Jannah Jewels learn about Fatima al-Fihri, the founder of the first university in the world, al-Qarawiyine. Can the Jannah Jewels solve the riddles to find the artifact in Fes before time runs out?

  13. Jannah Jewels Book 7 – Triumph in Turkey, Tayyaba Syed

    In Book 7 of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series, they travel back in time to the Conquest of Constantinople and find themselves right in the middle of it!They learn about the great conqueror, Sultan Muhammad II and about the wonderful Companion named Abu Ayub al Ansari.Can the Jannah Jewels find the missing artifact and place it in the Golden Clock before time runs out?

  14. Jannah Jewels Book 8 – Adventure in America, Tayyaba Syed

    In Book 8 of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series, they travel back in time to Natchez, Mississippi.There, they meet Prince Ibrahima Abdur Rahman, a West African prince who was captured and lived most of his life as a slave in America.Can the Jannah Jewels solve the clues to find the missing artifact in Natchez before time runs out?

  15. Ayesha Dean – The Istanbul Intrigue, Melati Lum

    Ayesha and her friends Sara and Jess jump at the chance of accompanying Ayesha’s uncle on a trip from Australia to Istanbul. But when Ayesha discovers a mysterious note as a result of visiting an old bookshop, their relaxing holiday starts to get a whole lot more complicated! Ayesha finds herself trying to uncover a hundred-year-old Ibn Arabi mystery, while trying to avoid creepy villains, and still making sure that she gets to eat the best doner kebab Istanbul has to offer. It’s all in a day’s sleuthing when you’re Ayesha Dean.  Lucky she can count on her best friends to always have her back!__7330868

  16. The Victory Boys, Jamal Orme

    Junayd and his friends think madrasa is a waste of time, and older brother Saleem is fast becoming the black sheep of the family. That is, until the Imam of the mosque initiates an extra-curricular project outside his comfort zone. But can faith and football flourish side-by-side?

  17. Team Spirit: The Victory Boys, Jamal Orme

    As Shabab Al-Nasr prepare to defend their trophy, in walks Amir, a player good enough to win it on his own! But for all his stunning skills, is he ready to become one of the team? And with Ibrahim battling jealousy and low self-confidence, can the Victory Boys find that winning team spirit once more?

  18. Khadijah – Mother of History’s Greatest Nation, Fatima Barkatulla

    You have another mother. You’ve never seen her. You’ve never heard her voice. You’ve never perhaps even thought of her as your mother. But she is your mother nonetheless. And if you get to Jannah, your mother will there, waiting to meet you. Her name is Khadijah (RA). She was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (S), the first to believe in his message and the first mother of the greatest nation history has ever seen.Khadijah_Hardback-Booksmall2_1024x1024

  19. The Genius of Islam, Bryn Barnard

    The Muslim world has often been a bridge between East and West, but many of Islam’s crucial innovations are hidden within the folds of history. In this important book, Bryn Barnard uses short, engaging text and gorgeous full-color artwork to bring Islam’s contributions gloriously to life.  Chockful of information and pictures, and eminently browsable, The Genius of Islam is the definitive guide to a fascinating topic.

  20. 1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilisation

    The official children’s companion to the exhibition produced by National Geographic for ages 8-12 uses the winning formula of facts, photos and fun. Each page is packed with information on little-known history of Muslim civilization, showing how their achievements still apply to our world today.We often think that people from a thousand years ago were living in the Dark Ages. But from the 7th Century onward in Muslim civilization there were amazing advances and inventions that still influence our everyday lives. Inventors created marvels like the elephant water clock, explorers drew detailed maps of the world, women made scientific
    breakthroughs and founded universities, and so much more!1001-inventions-and-awesome-facts-from-muslim-civilization